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How To Get Your Life Together After Chaos

Life is about balance. The good and the bad. 
The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.
-Ellen Degeneres

We all have that time of the year where we are all over the place filled with chaos. After that chaos, we just don't know how to get back to our previous track and how to start over again. You are just lost and have nothing to do, or much lesser things to do on your list. We all have that time of the year.

Barnyard Country Coffee

Veterans Ave, Zamboanga City, Philippines

What a fulfilling dine.

This new cafe in Veterans Avenue is ten to fifteen minutes walk away from my university. I've always wanted to try this cafe since the first time I heard about it which was since I got back from Davao City. If you haven't still know that I went to Davao City. Well yes, I did! And I pretty much wrote different contents about my trip. It would make my heart happy if you check it all out at the end of this article.

Shall we start the recap of my experience in Barnyard Country Coffee? Let's go.

Life Lessons To Develop Early

I'm turning 19 years old next week.

I'm grateful that I've been living in this world for almost 19 years. But did I make myself proud throughout the years? Have I made my parents proud? Have I developed myself into someone I want to be? Have I learned lessons from my experience? Am I better now?

Yes, I'm proud of myself. Yes, my parents are proud of me. Yes, I have developed myself. Yes, I've learned my lessons. Yes, I'm better now. But that doesn't mean I will settle. I will continue to be better, and continue to make myself and my loved ones proud. I will continue and I will not stop. I may have accomplished little things but I sure am proud of myself. I may have made uncountable mistakes, I'm sure my parents are proud of me because I didn't give up. I may have been a huge whiner, but I turned them into constructive issues to make myself better. And that is what I am now. 

Fads & Food: Where To Eat In Davao City

Davao City, Philippines

Going to new places means trying out new food to me as well. The foodie in me growls whenever I try out new restaurants and cafes, the excitement in me has always been evident. So having the opportunity to try out something new is something I shouldn't miss. But I would like to assure you that I'm not a local in this place and the places I will be mentioning are truthfully from my experiences. Let's start talking about the food I ate in Davao City, Philippines.