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January Faves

Another month, Another grind

First monthly faves of the year goes to beauty, apps, tv shows, musics, and random compiled faves. How was my January? It was productive + busy + exhausting. However, I love embracing the grind. Although it was hectic, I got to keep myself sane.

So, let's get into it!

Starbucks x Pantone Planner Korea


Recently, my brother asked me “Which Starbucks Planner do you want me to buy for you?” then he sent the photos of Starbucks Planners here in the Philippines. None of it I like, not because it's not pretty and whatnot, but because I’m a minimalist, and designs that are all over the place is just not my cup of tea.

Thankfully, I’ve been eyeing this Starbucks Planner in Korea. I love how minimal and simple it is, plus since it’s from Korea, my “seoul” instantly fell for it. So, my brother bought it for me. Thanks bro!

So far, I love it. Although, I’m currently working on designing it and all, I’ll show you guys what I wrote soon.

Dreams, Diligence, and Destiny

I'm diligent and I will reach my dreams, because that's my destiny.

Happy 2018! How did you welcome the new year? I hope you're having a wonderful start. Mine was spending half of the day of the first day of the year in the beach with my family and after that are just few tiring and busy days.

So last December, I attended a youth bootcamp here in the city. And I’m sure other milennials from the bootcamp would agree that Sir Elmer’s speech got us hooked up and motivated us to not give-up on our dreams.

He divided his speech with the golden 3Ds. Dreams, Diligence, and Destiny.
Here he gave us tips on how to achieve your dreams through diligence and get to your rightful destiny.

Essentials for a Better 2018

Hello, goal-getter!

Tomorrow is 2018. I'm sure a lot of people is firing up on the inside full of motivation and hope on making their next year their best year yet. And I'm one of them!

Plans and goals for 2018 are racing in our mind and often times, it gets overwhelming. So, the best way to stay calm and focused on your plans and goals is to have these essentials for a better year and a better you.