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How To Be Alive and Present

“Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love
with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop
waiting for it and make the most of the moment
you are in now.”

Being completely and sincerely present is often we forget to do in our everyday life. We are living our day to day lives but we are not alive and present. We always dwell in our past and focused on what the future holds. How about the present? Are you alive or just living?

I've realized this a few days ago. Now, I chose to be alive and be present as much as I can.

Open Letter to My Teen Self

“Oh I’m not teen anymore.”

Yesterday, I turned 20 year old. The first thing came to my mind as I woke up in the morning was “Oh I’m not teen anymore”. Then, I felt mixed emotions. That’s why I decided to write an open letter to my teen self to let all the feelings out and start the second decade of my life with fresh mind and soul.

Five Modest Muslimah Inspo To Follow

“Haya brings nothing but good.”
Sunan Ibn Majah 4184

Modest girls around the internet, gather around. Here are five modest muslimah inspo you need to follow on Instagram and gain inspiration. Some of them I actually follow for years and have served an inspo to me for the longest time since I first wore hijab back in 2014.

How To Live Your Dream Life

“You can have anything in this world if you want it badly enough
and are willing to pay the price. With your priorities in order,
press on, and never look back. May all your dreams come true!
You can, indeed, have it all!
- Mary Kay Ash

Our dream life is a big deal to us. Isn’t it? We are willing to do anything to reach it and make it a reality. However, our dream life is not something we can achieve overnight or in just a snap. It definitely isn’t easy.

So here’s how you can clarify your dreams, prepare your inner self, develop new habits, gain inspiration and motivation, and others to make your dream life a reality.