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Sightseeing at Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte, Philippines

By the beach, near the sea, what a wonderful place to be.

It's that season of the year where it's mandatory for us to visit the beach every once in a while. Samal Island is the top tourist spot in Davao City, so we thought -- why don't we take a look. We've been planning to visit but we only got the chance the day before our flight back to Zamboanga City. But do you know what? We had fun.

Behind The Blog by Kryz Uy | Review


It was a lucky day.

I wanted to buy this book for a bit long time now because I admire the author behind it. I always find it sold-out in our nearest NB branch and recently we visit Davao City and roam around to shop, my sister and I dropped in Fully Booked because we just wanted to check out the books and find something to buy. Once I saw Behind the Blog by Kryz Uy, I was in instant shock and my sister noticed so she said "I'm going to buy it for you", of course I said yes. Sino ba naman ang tatanggi sa grasya, diba?

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf + Mondays Made Better 2017

Davao City, Philippines

Coffee-free please.

Since I live in a small city with limited products to offer, I haven't tried most of the coffee shops you've tried. I'm aware how popular this cafe, that's why it made me more excited to try it out when I got the chance to. In conclusion, I fell in love with the cafe. Perhaps for now, I choose this than Starbucks. 

May Faves 2017

Lily of the Valley -- of or belonging to May
(May birth flower)

Another sets of faves for the month of May. May was bundled with purity, sweetness, and humility. None of us might ever have a perfect month however not every one of us can handle them with courage. This month was beautiful but rough, but I believe I dealt it with purity, sweetness, and humility, and besides that's really the meaning of May.

So let's get started.